Neutral day to day makeup look for beginners!

Hey guys!

I'm back and with another makeup tutorial as I really like thinking up ideas for you guys and creating lots of different looks for you all to try out. Today I thought I would create quite a neutral look for beginners who don't want to wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis and can't afford to buy lots of high end products all the time. To create this look I used all drugstore makeup brands except for the lip gloss. I featured this look around the makeup revolution redemption iconic 3 palette. I hope you enjoy!

I started off with my eye makeup so I could wipe off any excess product around my eyes before doing my face makeup. This palette was quite pink based so I decided to do a rose gold eye. To start with I used the real techniques base shadow brush in my crease with a matte brown shade which was the 7th shade along. This was used as my transition shade. Then I used my seventeen eyeshadow brush and chose a shimmery rose gold shade which was the 5th shade along and popped it all over my lid. To lighten up the inner corners but still keep with the rose gold theme i popped the 2nd shade along on the inner half of my lid and blended it out. To make sure everything was properly blended, I grabbed 2 shades which were in between the transition shade and the lid shade (3rd and 4th shades) and popped in between my crease and lid. To finish off I used my makeup obsession highlight in pop in my inner corners to make the inner corners stand up from the rest of the eye.
To clean the eyeshadow up I used my makeup remover on a piece of cotton wool and wiped an upwards line where i wanted the eyeshadow to stop creating the perfect shape. I added mascara. As always, I used the max factor masterpiece max mascara which creates great volume and separation of my lashes to finish off my eyes.

For face makeup, i kept it quite natural and didn't put much on. For concealer, to cover up any blemishes I had I actually used a tiny squirt of one of my favourite foundations at the moment: the max factor colour adapt foundation and placed it on my blemishes before blending it in with a damp beauty blender.
To add a bit of a flush and colour to my face I used a bit of my soap and glory love at first blush blusher on the apples of my cheeks. To finish I used my liz earle lipgloss in 08 mallow to give my lips a bit of shine and colour. 

That was the finished look!

And that's the end of my post today my lovelies, I hope you all enjoyed it and I'm back for good now! Leave some comments below what sort of posts you'd like to see from me next.
I love you all!

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